CNC Machine

Computer numerical control machine, a machine that controls mechanical automation; see magical computer part that makes lines of code into physical 3D printer action.


Act of placing the build material onto the bed or build platform, normally by heating a thermoplastic to a liquid state and pushing it through a nozzle.


Group of parts on a 3D printer that handles feeding and extruding of build material that consists of a cold end to pull and feed thermoplastic from the spool and a hot end that melts and extrudes the thermoplastic.


One triangular element used to approximate the surface of a model, three nodes and an outward normal whose data is kept in an STL file.


Fused deposition modeling, technology that uses material spit out of a nozzle that traces the the form of an object layer by layer with the concept of building an object by adding layers of material to it gradually until they make up a whole, see FFF.


Fused filament fabrication, process of using droplets of material next to and on top of each other to create layers that make up an object, see FDM.


Solid material added to polymers in a material that does not chemically interact with them, used to alter the density of an object, its strength, resistance to abrasion, thermal properties, or thin the compound to make it cheaper to make.

Fine Feature Detail

Intricate design elements in a design that require more attention during the prototyping process, possibly including thin thread-like structures, surface texture, or other artistic details.


Information in the form of lines of code translated from an STL file and sent from a PC to a 3D printer or CNC machine.

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