Kapton Tape

Heat-resistant adhesive tape used to keep the heated particle limited to the extruder barrel and often a protectant put on the surface of the printing bed.


Material made out of 40% recycled wood and 60% recycled plastic that looks like wood, smells like wood, feels like wood, and is structurally sound (also like wood).

Material Jetting

Process of building parts by depositing small droplets of photopolymer that are then cured by exposure to light (similar to an inkjet printer).

Micron Layer

Abbreviated as mm, sometimes written as micrometer, referring to the thickness of each layer of material that a 3D printer extrudes along the bed.


National Electrical Manufacturers Association, or term referring to the specific size of a stepper motor (e.g. NEMA 14, NEMA 17, NEMA 23).


Turning laborers into innovators, giving them the capability to build products and take them to market without a traditional factory infrastructure.


Adjustable in all dimensions (e.g. a design in CAD can be adjusted in size or form to fit a user’s needs).


Polyether ether ketone, a high-temperature thermoplastic that is used as a thermal barrier in the extruder of a 3D printer.


Large molecule (made up of monomers) that makes up tough, viscoelastic material that tends to be glasslike and semicrystalline (if you are interested in the atomic properties, Wikipedia is your friend).

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