Support Material

Material used to support any part of a 3D-printed object that is unsupported until it solidifies, much like a brassiere, see support structure.

Support Structure

Feature added to a part in some RP methods that is removed after building is finished, used to maintain accuracy while building in areas of overhangs or undercuts.


Material often used in 3D printing that softens when heated, shapes into layers of a given printed object, and solidifies when cooled.


Ultrafine particles, said to be emitted during 3D printing and potentially harmful in poorly ventilated areas.


Description of the raw surface finish of a part produced directly by the prototyping machine (that has layer lines or stair stepping visible) before excess material and supports are removed.


Property of fluids determining their resistance to flow (the higher the viscosity, the more difficult it is to dispense a certain material onto a printing bed and the less it will change shape until hardening).


A non-replicated part, or something needed to build a 3D printer that cannot be printed on said 3D printer.

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